Kim Brebach

Hi, I’m Kim Brebach, an early boomer. I was born in 1946 in post-war Germany. My mother used to say to me: ‘I don’t know how you ended up so tall. I had nothing to feed you’. The only  light in my life was music. At the time it was folk: mostly Bob Dylan, Joan Baez and Donovan.

Lovin’ it

I’ve loved food since I was four or five although, back then, most of it didn’t have much taste.  Cheese was a treasured treat. At other times, my mother made do with basics, as basic as tea made from nettles.

As a teenager, technical things began to interest me. In Australia, my first real job was in the sixties selling Olivetti calculators. They weren’t electronic then and weighed 40 kilos! Over the next decades, I worked with ground-breaking IT companies like Silicon Graphics. It was a blast.      

No answers

Medical research wasn’t on my radar. I fell into it by accident in the 90s, while caring for my first wife who had a terminal illness. Medicine had no answers for her and, watching her suffer over the years made me feel helpless. I ended up looking for fresh ideas in the murky waters of medical research. The internet made that a lot easier. (More below.)

Kim Brebach

A different pulse

Then came information overload, which made my head spin. Our medical specialists weren’t much help; the drugs made an impact but not all of it was positive.

Alternative medicine had some fresh perspectives, but mainly practical ways to ease my wife’s suffering; nothing life-saving or ground-breaking. I found some things which helped me, too, and decided to keep my finger on the pulse of medicine focused on disease prevention, not just cure.

Research for life

In the early 2000s, my research took a professional turn when I joined Tracey at Technoledge. I was writing white papers that simplified complex concepts in IT, Biotech and Clean Tech, so non-technical business people could understand them. It really honed my skills and, unexpectedly, boosted my ego, too.

I was surprised (and a bit delighted) to hear feedback like: ‘What a fantastic paper! How did you find all these gems?’ or ‘Do many clients say they won’t change a single word of your first draft?’ That really fueled my passion for research. (More below.)

My own issues

Later, in my late sixties, I developed some health issues of my own – excruciating plaque psoriasis, arthritis and lumbar spine stenosis. This time my GP had no answers for me. (I’m managing the first with diet and the other two with stretching. To this day, the stenosis remains a real pain in the back.)

Physical health is only part of the story. What I worry about most, is dementia, losing my mind. I sometimes have trouble recalling names and think: ‘Is this normal ageing or the beginning of the end?’

Looking for answers, I discovered that the boomer generation is now called ‘Generation Alzheimers’. That really shocked me. They say many of us will lose our marbles, and end our years wasting away in nursing homes. I can’t get my head around that; it scares me to death.  

Outside the square

It pays to look outside the square – or more correctly outside the lab.

Quite a few doctors have done this, discovering ways to prevent Alzheimer’s, even reverse some forms in the early stages. Others have done the same for heart disease and diabetes, for reducing cancer risk and other chronic conditions, the so-called ‘diseases of civilisation’.

I found that, by looking beyond public health messages and sponsored medical research, there were myriad ways to prevent many of the diseases that we boomers most fear. What I found was detailed research published in journals, confirmed by others around the world, not news-grabbing articles by a few nuts on the fringe.

Did you know any of this about chronic disease? I certainly didn’t, until recently.

Deja vu

It’s a rerun of what I found in the 90s; I had to do a lot of digging to find anything of value.

That is why I started Muscles & Marbles.

I want to share life-changing research with other boomers, so you can stay strong and healthy, and avoid these chronic diseases – without working hard at it or giving up the things you love. In my case they’re Beef Stroganoff, duck confit, triple-cream brie and red wine.

What you’ll find here is the result of my digging, explained in everyday English so you can take practical steps to help you thrive. That is my promise.


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