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“I’ve lost 5 kilos eating duck-fat-roasted potatoes & drinking wine. Not bad for a cake-loving couch-potato.” Connie V, Mosman, NSW

Did you know you could lose weight AND fight chronic disease – without dieting?

In this mouth-watering 100-page eBook – which you can read online, download or print out – discover the new science of fighting chronic disease AND achieving your ideal weight without dieting, from over 120 experts:

  • Why fad foods, measurements & restrictions never work;
  • How some foods promote disease, while others fight it;
  • Why eating to satiety is the only route to long-term success;
  • How weight loss drugs like Ozempic are harmful to boomers;
  • How to fight chronic disease AND lose weight with 10 simple rules – and much more.

And from Kim Brebach’s own kitchen, discover:

  • Shortcuts to boost flavour & slice prep time;
  • Easy recipes for 30 gourmet, disease-fighting, weight-shedding meals.

Kim’s a veteran information researcher & technical writer in IT, BioTech & MedTech. He’s been making science appetising for over 30 years. He’s also a passionate cook. He created the MMM! ANTI-DIET to be the companion to DEMENTIA: Keep Your Marbles and CANCER: Make Your Own Luck.

“I know Kim likes cooking from following him for years on BWU. I still found myself salivating when I got to the recipe section.” Helen C,  Beaumaris, VIC.

Discover the food lover’s way to fight disease AND lose weight. Grab your copy now. (Specials & coupons applied automatically at Checkout.)

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Kim Brebach is a veteran information researcher & technical writer. He’s also a baby boomer & passionate cook.

Over decades working in IT, BioTech & MedTech with companies like Silicon Graphics, Novell & Roche Diagnostics, Kim researched & wrote hundreds of papers to make complex concepts easy to understand. Many say they’re a joy to read.

In the 90s, Kim’s first wife developed emphysema, a terminal disease. Searching for ways to ease her suffering, he discovered troves of health & medical research that none of her doctors seemed to know about. Much of it was about preventing disease, rather than trying to cure it once it had taken hold. After her death, Kim kept his finger on the pulse of preventative medicine research.

30 years on, Kim translates the latest disease prevention research into short, snappy, highly-readable guides. They’re focused on the diseases that keep boomers awake at night – dementia, cancer, heart disease and diabetes – with the ‘anti-diet’ as a bonus. Showcasing skills honed over decades, Kim transforms dry research into engaging ‘who-done-its’. Science has never been so enjoyable to consume.

Kim’s not a health or medical expert but he’s found thousands who are – and provides direct links to them all in his eBooks. You can read Kim’s full story here.


Muscles & Marbles was created for Aussie boomers like you – by two other Aussie boomers, Kim Brebach & Tracey James. It’s the place where you can learn to thrive for much longer.

Muscles & Marbles is where you’ll find cutting-edge health and medical research from around the globe, translated into everyday, often entertaining, English. Mostly, it’s about preventing the chronic illnesses that hold most boomers back – and reveling in ways to live life to the full.

It’s the place for you if you want to understand the latest science – so you can ask better questions and make better-informed decisions about your life.

There’s no other website like Muscles & Marbles.


This eBook can be read in 3 ways – online (while you’re logged in), downloaded to your device and read, or printed out and read. All our eBooks are concise (around 100 pages), so even the ‘print yourself’ option is easy. Now you can enjoy our eBooks anywhere, anytime, any way you like to read.

This eBook has many images, quotes and graphs, so it is best read on a desktop (2-page view) or tablet or large-screen smartphone (1-page view). It is not well-suited to reading on very small-screen devices.

You can access the eBook with one click after payment, then make your reading choice. You’re not limited to one option; you can have all 3 if you like.

If you come back later to read or make your reading choice, just Login to My Account and choose ‘Purchased Flipbooks’. All your eBooks will be there.

Please note our eBooks are ‘electronic books’. We do not offer hard-copy, pre-printed books.

19 reviews for MMM! ANTI-DIET

  1. Mark Vella

    My wife is enjoying the shortcuts. I’m enjoying the pinot.

    • Kim Brebach

      Good to see it’s working for both of you. Please keep me updated with results, too.

  2. Sally M

    To be able to eat like this and reach my ideal weight is incredible. Not just MMM, but yuMMM!

    • Tracey James

      Thank you, Sally. ‘YuMMM’ – I love it! May I borrow it, please (-:

  3. Connie Vanderbent

    I’ve lost 5 kilos eating duck-fat roasted potatoes & drinking wine. Not bad for a cake-loving couch-potato.

    • Kim Brebach

      That’s fantastic news, Connie. Thank you. Tracey loves those potatoes, too!

  4. Geoffrey C

    When my wife suggested I read this, I laughed. What, me diet? No way. But not dieting and losing weight, that’s more like it.

    • Kim Brebach

      Glad you feel that way, Geoffrey. I do too. Please keep me updated with results.

  5. Gina Ramke

    I did it! I lost 4kg eating foods like pork in cream sauce with a glass of pinot gris. Love the wine matching. Over the moon with results.

    • Tracey James

      That’s so good to hear, Gina. Thank you. Please keep us updated.

  6. Stephen Argyle

    Mate, I’m not the dieting type, so thanks for not lecturing me. Not sure my wife is going to believe the red wine, bacon and eggs caper, though.

    • Kim Brebach

      Stephen, why not try it and maybe she’ll come around when she sees the results? By the way, I recommend Viognier with bacon and eggs in an omelette – but not for breakfast.

  7. Sharon Markes

    I love to cook, so I skipped through the basics. The shortcuts and links to chefs tips were great and I’m a big fan of Recipe Tin Eats, too.

    • Kim Brebach

      Glad it’s working for you, Sharon. Nagi is one of my favourite cooks. I appreciate the amount of testing she puts each recipe through – so we know it will work.

  8. Jenny Gavelle

    The anti-diet is really getting results. I’m losing weight with no effort at all. This ebook speaks to me in just the right way.

    • Kim Brebach

      I’m overjoyed that you like the writing style, Jenny. Thanks for your kind comments.

  9. Shelly C

    What stood out for me was all the research on healthy brands and hacks. It demystified everything. Best of all, it gave me permission to ‘cheat’.

    • Kim Brebach

      So glad it’s working for you. That’s really great to hear. Thank you.

  10. Robert Abouir

    Red wine, chocolate and camembert? That’s my kind of diet and I’ve lost 3 kilos.

    • Kim Brebach

      I guess if you’re losing weight, Robert, you must have included some less sinful, more filling foods, too?

  11. Michael D

    At my age, I don’t want to diet but know I should. The idea of not dieting and losing weight sounds too good to be true, Kim.

    • Kim Brebach

      I really love my food, Michael, and really hate the idea of dieting. That’s why this anti-diet works for me and others who love their food. Keep me posted, please.

  12. Ian Richards

    I’m like that UK survey said ‘I love food too much to diet’. Now I’m not and I’m losing weight. That’s the way.

    • Kim Brebach

      Very glad to hear it, Ian. Please keep me posted.

  13. Victor Zingiro

    I didn’t expect wine and food matching in a weight loss book. I’ll definitely give this a go.

    • Kim Brebach

      Please do, Victor, but remember, it’s a glass of wine not a bottle!

  14. Jennifer B

    I was anxious at first, thinking it would raise the bar too high, but it was much easier than I thought. Now I don’t feel like I’m ‘dieting’ but I’m losing weight.

    • Tracey James

      So glad you’re finding it easy, Jennifer. Let us know how it goes too, pls.

  15. Karen Argyle

    I love your writing stye. It’s like you’re in the kitchen with me. That personal touch really connects with me.

    • Kim Brebach

      I’m delighted you feel that way, Karen. Thank you.

  16. Leanne D

    This ebook has put me on a new path. I’m eating differently, loving it and – big surprise – losing weight.

    • Tracey James

      That’s terrific to hear, Leanne. Thank you. Please keep us updated.

  17. Helen Camilleri

    I know Kim likes to cook from following him for years on BWU. I still found myself salivating when I got to the recipe section.

    • Kim Brebach

      Nice to hear from you, Helen, and thank you for your encouraging words. I hope you enjoy cooking them and seeing results.

  18. Josephine S

    As I read it, you translate weight loss science into recipes for lazy cooks. Is that about right?

    • Tracey James

      In part, Josephine. You could also be a busy cook wanting to save time – or an inexperienced one wanting to know where to start.

  19. Ed Rolfe

    My wife bought a Thermomix thing a while back and wasn’t happy with your comments about them. She’s a bit happier now that I’ve lost some weight.

    • Kim Brebach

      Understand, Ed, I’m the old-fashioned type. And your wife doesn’t have to stop using her Thermomix. It’s the ingredients that count not the gear she uses.

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